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L-carnitine, when first discovered in 1952, was named vitamin Bt.  However, later research determined that the body could manufacture L-carnitine so it lost its status as a vitamin. For the body to manufacture L-carnitine, sufficient amounts of the amino acids lysine and methionine along with iron and vitamins C, B3 and B6 must be available. Any individual with a deficiency of any of these nutrients is at risk of developing carnitine deficiency. Carnitine is synthesized in the liver, kidney and in the brain.

The skeletal muscles and the heart require a steady supply of carnitine to utilize long chain fatty acids as a fuel source.  However, these tissues cannot manufacture carnitine. So, carnitine must be transported to these tissues from other organs by the bloodstream. As scientists and nutritionists have studied L-carnitine it has become apparent that conditional L-carnitine deficiency can develop. L-carnitine deficiency can result due to reduced L-carnitine in the diet, reduced L-carnitine synthesis due to lack of building blocks and excessive loss of L-carnitine due to urine losses when toxins are present. L-carnitine is found in high concentrations in animal foods, but not in plants. This means vegetarians are more predisposed to L-carnitine deficiency.

L-Carnatine w/ B1 is one of Dr. Hans Nieper’s formulas that supports the following systems:

1. Cardiovascular System
2. Lymphatic System
3. Hormonal System
4. Muscular System
5. Respiratory System

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