About Dr. Haltiwanger

Steve Haltiwanger, MD, CCN is the Medical Director of Jupiter labs. After earning a B.S. in Professional Chemistry from Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia, Dr. Haltiwanger attended the Medical College of Georgia. While there he completed medical school and a one-year fellowship in Pathology. He graduated from the Medical College of Georgia with an M.D. degree in 1980. He completed a Psychiatry and Neurology residency at the University of South Carolina in 1984. In 2003, he became a CCN (Certified Clinical Nutritionist). He currently is a member of the scientific council of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists.

He began an integrative medical practice in 1984 when he realized that nutritional, gastrointestinal, allergic, immunological, and toxic issues were involved in the psychiatric and neurological conditions that he was seeing and that drug therapy alone was at best only partially effective. Twenty-eight years ago, he was introduced to Dr. Hans Nieper’s mineral transporters. He has since used these nutrients in thousands of patents and consulted by phone with hundreds of doctors about the effective use of these supplements over the last three decades.

Dr. Haltiwanger was the last known physician to study in Germany with world-renowned German internist, scientist and nutrient developer, Hans A. Nieper, M.D., to advance his knowledge of the treatment of neurological conditions, cancer, anti-aging, and regeneration. For 31 years, he has presented at many national conferences and international conferences in 15 countries.

Over the last 19 years, Dr. Haltiwanger has been involved in 72 research studies. Dr. Haltiwanger’s past research includes combining electromagnetic, acoustic and phototherapy treatments with nutritional supplementation. He has also researched the effects of PEMF on neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis and diabetic neuropathy). As magnetic resonance, light and sound all affect the body in various ways, through the same cellular frequency windows; Dr. Haltiwanger has worked in the past with researchers correlating the frequencies emitted by an individual’s voice with internal physiological states and dysfunctions. He has coordinated clinical research on using sound to determine what chemical compounds are present in the human body. He has supervised numerous studies on how infrared and red light affect energy production, hormone production, wound healing, athletic activity, antioxidant levels, pain control, sleep, EEG changes, cardiac responses, muscle strength, neurological function and more. He has formulated numerous nutritional formulas in his role as a consultant to companies.

During four decades Dr. Haltiwanger has built a reputation for being a caring physician with old-fashioned values, who delved for answers to complicated issues, looking for biochemical, toxic and nutritional imbalances in disease. In his medical practice, Dr. Haltiwanger integrated his traditional medical training with complementary approaches.  We are pleased to announce that Dr. Haltiwanger is available to answer clinical questions, review cases and recommend nutritional options to practitioners.

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