About Nieper

Dr. Hans Nieper was a famous German physician who was born in Germany in 1928 and died in 1998. As a result of growing up in a family where both parents were physicians, Dr. Nieper chose medicine as his career. According to Wikipedia, “Hans Nieper was educated at the Johann Gutenberg University and the University of Freiberg before earning his medical degree at the University of Hamburg (Wikipedia).”

In his medical practice, Dr. Nieper specialized in the treatment of chronic diseases in particular cancer, diabetes, heart disease and multiple sclerosis. Through his experience, he learned that only relying on pharmaceutical drugs to treat patients was only partially effective and in many cases toxic. As a result, he determined that providing the body with natural essential substances was a more effective approach for his patients. Dr. Nieper developed a number of advanced nutritional products the most famous of these are his mineral transporters.

He discovered during his practice that there were no mineral supplements available that could address the mineral needs of sick individuals. This was the impetus that caused him to invent mineral transporters. Dr. Nieper mandated during his research that these compounds had to be nontoxic so that they could be given safely for an unlimited time to address the nutritional needs of patients. Mineral transporters including aspartate, arginate and orotate are innovative mineral delivery systems that effectively deliver minerals inside of cells. Intracellular mineral delivery is important because many cytoplasmic and mitochondria enzymes require minerals in order to be activated.

Dr. Nieper published over 300 scientific papers during his career, gave multiple talks around the world and he published two books: The Curious Man and Revolution in Technology and Medicine. Besides medicine, he also had an interest in physics and he believed that unless a doctor had at least a general understanding of how physics applied to medicine their education was incomplete. Dr. Steve Haltiwanger was the last physician to train with Dr. Nieper before his death.

Dr. Haltiwanger has been quoted “As I sat in his office with him one afternoon in the course of 45 minutes he answered phone calls and spoke in 5 different languages.”  Dr. Nieper was world famous and during his career, he treated royally from all over Europe, American presidents, and famous Hollywood actors.


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