Calcium Aspartate


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Calcium Aspartate

Calcium aspartate is composed of calcium bonded to the amino acid aspartic acid. Calcium aspartate is a highly absorbed mineral transporter with most of the compound entering the bloodstream in an intact state. This mineral transporter does not cause significant blood elevations of calcium since the tissues rapidly take up the transporter.

This acid-resistant compound is best swallowed whole. This calcium transporter can be beneficial for individuals suffering from calcium deficiency. Symptoms of calcium deficiency include: poor growth and bone deformities in children; stiffness, muscle cramps, spasms, obesity, allergies, soft bones, bone pain and poor blood clotting. Calcium is required to produce hormones, muscle contraction, nerve conduction, blood coagulation and bone strength.

Calcium Aspartate is one of Dr. Hans Nieper’s formulas that supports the following systems:

1. Cardiovascular System
2. Digestive System
3. Hormonal System
4. Muscular System
5. Skeletal System

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