Why have a Dr. Hans Nieper’s Professional Formulas account?

Patients’ buying behavior has been changing these past few years.  A lot are ordering their refills online.

But with Dr. Hans Nieper’s Professional Formulas products, patients can only get their refills form their providers.  Why?  Professional Formulas is an exclusive brand sold only to licensed healthcare providers.  Online retail sales are strictly forbidden.   

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Remember Dr. Hans Nieper’s Professional Formulas gives you and your patients access to a set of the most effective mineral supplements on the market.  Dr. Nieper’s mineral transporters have stood the test of time because these types of minerals can be directed to specific tissues that require the minerals.

Mineral transporters improve mineral absorption, and because they enter the bloodstream with the minerals still attached to the transporter they are able to effectively deliver minerals to intracellular locations.

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