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What makes Dr. Hans Nieper’s Professional Formulas different from other mineral supplements?

Mineral transporters have been used and trusted for over 50 years by millions of people worldwide. Dr. Hans Nieper’s Professional Formulas is the only company in the world licensed by Dr. Nieper to make mineral transporters according to his exact specifications. We are diligent about using the best raw materials, and every batch of products is scientifically tested to assure purity and that it meets the standards you can trust. Mineral transporters are manufactured to be acid resistant, so mineral transporters pass through stomach acid and are delivered intact into the alkaline environment of the small intestine. The minerals are still bound to the transporter when they pass into the bloodstream (Alexander, 1997a, 1997b; Nieper et al., 1999).

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Why do healthcare professionals choose Dr. Hans Nieper’s Professional Formulas to meet the mineral needs of their patients?

Some people continue to have mineral deficiencies despite supplementation. Dr. Keith Brewer a colleague of Dr. Nieper reported that the transport of substances like minerals across the cell membrane is controlled by: the electrical properties of the chemical bonds on and in the membrane, the electrical gradient across the membrane, and the electrical attractions between positively charged cations and polar molecules with positive and negative regions. Regular mineral supplements are broken apart during digestion in the gastrointestinal tract and deliver ionized charged minerals into the bloodstream. Charged minerals are repelled by the charge on cell membranes so they have to enter through specialized ion transport protein complexes imbedded in the cell membranes. These complexes are energy dependent so any condition that produces mitochondrial dysfunction can impair transport of minerals into the interior of cells. Mineral transporters are manufactured so that the mineral stays attached to its transporter molecule through the digestive system so that the entire complex enters the bloodstream. The transporter molecules are attracted to tissues that use the transporter in biochemical pathways. Because mineral transporters are electrically neutral they are not repelled by the charge of cell membranes and are able to pass through the cell membranes into the cells producing intracellular delivery of the minerals. Clinicians choose mineral transporters because they assure intracellular delivery even when mitochondrial function is compromised.

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Why do clinicians choose to use Dr. Hans Nieper’s Professional Formulas magnesium transporters?

When cells are injured from either stress or physical changes cells will lose potassium and magnesium and accumulate sodium and water. Tissues that become hypoxic and acidotic will also lose potassium and magnesium from the inside of cells.  When this occurs cell, proteins will change to an abnormal damaged configurational state. In that state “the cell proteins lose their preference for association with potassium rather than sodium and lose much of their ability to structure water (Cope, 1978).”  Magnesium delivery and intracellular accumulation is required to maintain the intracellular concentration of potassium. Dr. Nieper answered the question of how to get potassium, magnesium and other minerals to the cells, by developing mineral transporters: aspartates, orotates, arginates and the aminoethanolphosphates (AEP). According to Dr. Nieper, these compounds are effective mineral carriers because they are stable and their attraction to specific tissues. The minerals are released as the transporter molecule is utilized in biochemical reactions.

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Dr. Nieper talked a lot in his papers about the importance of maintaining the proper charge of cell membranes. How is this done?

During his research Dr. Nieper read papers by Dr. Erwin Chargoff that identified 2-aminoethanolphosphate (2-AEP) as a natural component of cell membranes. Dr. Nieper worked in collaboration with Dr. Franz Kohler to produce an orthomolecular lipid mineral transporter where 2-AEP is bound to minerals. Nutritional supplementation with 2-AEP mineral transporters has the lipid component incorporated into cell membranes with the minerals released on the cell membrane surface. Because this lipid substance forms stable complexes with the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium, it works as an effective mineral transport agent. Dr. Nieper recognized in the early 1960’s that when cell membranes are damaged they lose their electronic charge so his nutritional approach was to focus on supplements that could support the structure and electronic functions of the cell membrane. Dr. Nieper generally recommended simultaneous administration of calcium 2-AEP with potassium-magnesium aspartate, for two reasons: a) to avoid deficiency in potassium or magnesium especially when administering calcium, and b) 2-AEP transports minerals to the outer layer of the cell membrane while aspartate mineral carriers transport minerals to the inner portion of the cell membrane. Minerals when placed in these specific locations help maintain the electrical charge of the cell membranes.

What information is required to be on the label?

The FDA has an extensive set of label requirements on its website www.fda.gov. The label must include the name of the product, the amount of the product in milligrams or grams, the amount in each bottle, directions for use, warnings, place of manufacture and contact information, batch number, and supplement facts.


Where are Dr. Hans Nieper’s Professional Formulas manufactured?

Our formulas are manufactured in our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Anthony, New Mexico.

Do your products contain common allergens?

Our formulas do not contain gluten, corn protein, wheat, yeast, soy, animal, or dairy products. None of our formulas contain artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.

What are your capsules made of?

We use vegetable capsules in all but two of our capsule products. They are made a cellulose compound derived from wood pulp. Carotavit and squalene are made in gelatin capsules.

Can a woman who is pregnant or lactating take these supplements?

Many dietary ingredients have not been tested for safety during pregnancy or lactation. We recommend that pregnant and lactating women check for the label cautions and consult their healthcare practitioner before using a dietary supplement of any kind while pregnant or lactating.

I bought a product but was not satisfied and I want to return it. What can I do.

Please contact our customer service department at 800-222-7157 to arrange for the return.

Do your formulas contain fillers?

In some products that have a small amount of active ingredient, we use vegetable-based cellulose as a filler.

Where do you source your ingredients and what is done with the ingredient when it arrives at your plant?

We screen suppliers to find the best raw ingredients. We only use suppliers that we have vetted. Each raw material is checked for bacterial and fungal counts and heavy metal content before use. All raw material goes into quarantine until it is cleared by an outside independent lab and identity testing is completed by infrared spectroscopy.

Why are Dr. Hans Nieper’s Professional Formulas sold only to licensed healthcare providers?

We do this to keep the brand exclusive to the providers and we intend that the use of these formulas be supervised by a licensed healthcare practitioner. Online sales are forbidden so the patient has to see their provider for refills.

Why must I provide a tax ID number?

We request a  tax ID number to assist us in confirming your intent to re-sell our formulas.

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