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2-AEP membrane complex also called colamine phosphate complex, 2-aminoethanol phosphate complex or in Europe 2-ethylamino phosphate complex is a mineral supplement where the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium are bonded to a lipid 2-aminoethanol phosphate. 2-aminoethanol phosphate is a natural component of all cell membranes. Because this lipid substance forms stable complexes with the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium, it is an effective mineral transport agent. 2-AEP effectively delivers these minerals to the surface of cell membranes.

Despite use in Europe for nearly four decades this type of cell membrane mineral supplement is virtually unknown in the United States. During a June 1987 lecture at the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel Grand Ballroom in Manhattan, Dr. Nieper proposed to name the colamine phosphate salts (2-AEP), “cell membrane-integrity factor” or simply “Vitamin Mi.”

Membrane Complex is one of Dr. Hans Nieper’s formulas that supports the following systems:

  1. Cardiovascular System
  2. Lymphatic System
  3. Epthelial (skin) System
  4. Digestive System
  5. Hormonal System
  6. Immune System
  7. Muscular System
  8. Nervous System
  9. Renal System
  10. Respiratory System
  11. Sensory System
  12. Skeletal System

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