As a healthcare professional, it can be difficult to find effective quality products that you can trust. Professional Formulas has been manufacturing a line of products exclusively for health practitioners for over 30 years that were scientifically formulated by Dr. Han Nieper of Hanover, Germany. Dr. Nieper worked alongside Dr. Franz Kohler to invent a line of mineral transporters that have stood the test of time. Millions of people worldwide for decades have received benefit from using mineral orotates, arginates, aspartates and AEPs. The manufacturer of Professional Formulas is the only company in the world approved by Dr. Nieper to manufacture his mineral transporters according to his specific and exacting standards. Dr. Nieper wrote about his research in over 360 publications that the use of natural orthomolecular substances is fundamental (eumetabolic) in both restoring and maintaining health. Eumetabolic means normal for one’s own biochemical metabolism. What Dr. Nieper did was to combine natural, nontoxic biochemical components to minerals to make electrically neutral compounds that could easily pass into the interior of cells. Mineral transporters are at the top of the list in providing effective intracellular delivery of minerals.

Dr. Nieper wrote about eumetabolic approaches in his 1985 book Dr. Nieper’s Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society. “In contrast, eumetabolic therapy CAN increase the overall state of health, especially since it can be used without limits in the human organism, because it is not “foreign” to it… Eumetabolic therapy is one in which the therapeutic substances either applied normally occur in the body or are formed in such a manner, even synthetically, that their subcomponents are normal metabolic partners, rather than foreign substances. At least, they are of natural origins, such as the pineapple enzyme bromelain.” Each mineral transporter provides benefits in that the minerals are delivered to the right locations inside of cells. Also, the attached carriers or transporters support specific biochemical pathways including pathways involved in energy production. People often experience more energy with the use of these products due to the combined effect of the minerals and the attached carrier. was established to provide a convenient way for health professionals to purchase Professional Formulas products to meet the healthcare needs of your patients. This range of formulas was specifically designed to be absorbed in the body quickly and efficiently. All of our products are scientifically formulated and meticulously manufactured. Only then is a product packaged, labeled and included in the Professional Formulas product list.

Professional Formulas also has a medical consultant on staff available for free phone consultations. Dr. Steve Haltiwanger is both a medical doctor and a certified clinical nutritionist. He has been a physician for 34 years and has practiced integrative medicine for 30 years. 28 years ago, he began using Professional Formulas products in his practice, and he has supervised thousands of patients who have used these products during that time. He trained in Germany with Dr. Nieper in the 1990’s, and he has lectured in 15 countries on the use of these nutritional formulas.

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